In this example, we will cover how to stitch together imagery tiles and load them into ArcGIS Pro to create your mosaic.

First, let’s open the toolbox and navigate to the Mosaic To New Raster tool. This tool is going to stitch together your individual image tiles into a seamless mosaic image.

From here, we can import the individual images that will make up the mosaic, and set the output location to your working geodatabase.

Next we will set a Spatial Reference for the mosaic.

I downloaded these example images in NAD83 Utah State Plane North and will match the coordinate system for the output raster.

The Number of Bands is going to be 3 for Nearmap imagery (RGB).

There are other optional fields you can choose to populate which include Pixel Type, Cellsize, Mosaic Operator, and Mosaic Colormap Mode.

When your desired fields are populated, you can now click Run!

Congratulations! You have now created a new Mosaic Raster image!

Charles Staton

Geospatial Sales Engineer based South Jordan, Utah

Charles studied Geography at Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Geospatial Environmental Analysis in undergraduate and graduate school.
Charles has worked in several different industries utilizing GIS which include: the Defense and Intelligence sales team at Esri, Commercial Real Estate spatial data and marketing, and telecommunications & utility engineering.