So you want to have on demand high-resolution aerial imagery as your workstation’s basemap? Do you need all of your construction drawings and GIS data line up accurately with the Earth’s features? Placing Nearmap imagery as your basemap layer in ArcGIS online is a simple 4 step process.  

Let’s follow along together. 

  1. Log in to ArGIS Online using your organizational account.

  2. Under My Map tab click Add > Search for Layers and from the My Content Dropdown > ArcGIS Online > Search for ‘Nearmap” and the item you are going to want to add is called Nearmap US Vertical Imagery by nearmap_engineering. 

  3. Click Use as Basemap at the bottom of the panel.

Congratulations! You have now created a webmap with the Nearmap US Vertical Imagery item as your basemap layer.

Charles Staton

Geospatial Sales Engineer based South Jordan, Utah

Charles studied Geography at Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Geospatial Environmental Analysis in undergraduate and graduate school.
Charles has worked in several different industries utilizing GIS which include: the Defense and Intelligence sales team at Esri, Commercial Real Estate spatial data and marketing, and telecommunications & utility engineering.