The new MapBrowser has been designed with a responsive layout, which means it will work on all types of devices and screen sizes  desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet.
On smaller screens, such as mobile, some features are accessed via the side menu in order to save space.

Windows desktopMac desktop


Laptop touchpadTablet/MobileURL
rotateAlt+left mouse dragOption+left mouse dragright mouse drag‘Alt’ key (Windows) or the 'control' key (Mac) and using one finger on any part of the touch-padspin’ the map using your thumb and forefingers

Edit the number preceding the d


(tilt - 3D imagery)

left click dragleft click dragleft mouse dragdrag any part of the touch-pad with one fingerdrag any part of the touch-pad with one finger

zoom in
  • Shift and '+' on the keyboard
  • '+' on the numpad

shift +

pinch out

edit the number preceding the z
zoom out

'-' on both the keyboard and numpad

shift -scroll the scroll wheelpinch trackpadpinch in

edit the number preceding the z

1. standard two-button mouse with a scroll wheel

Manipulating the view via the URL

You can edit the URL to rotate and zoom in or out of the imagery.,151.0565323,15.00z,0d/V/20170822


Adjust the rotation by editing the degrees snippet in the URL. This is the number followed by d, as shown in red in the URL below. Entering 30 before the d will rotate 30 degrees anticlockwise.,151.0565323,16.50z,0d/V/20170822


Adjust the zoom by editing the zoom snippet in the URL.This is the number followed by z, as shown in red in the URL below. The larger the number, the greater the zoom.,151.0565323,16.50z,0d/V/20170822

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