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Nearmap WMS integration allows users of off-the-shelf GIS and CAD applications to load high-resolution imagery on demand.

Note: We now have a new WMS 2.0 service, which allows you to view the latest imagery for a region, or to define a custom area/s and get a personalised WMS URL with this area only.

To consume Nearmap imagery via WMS, you must authenticate using API Key Authentication.

Once authenticated, your software package will have a way for you to specify:

  • The Nearmap layer you want to view
  • The coordinate reference system you want to use to view the layer

WMS Requests

To display Nearmap imagery, you will need to tell your GIS or CAD package to load a Nearmap layer in a coordinate reference system that our WMS server supplies it in. This is specified in our layer capabilities file, readable by WMS-enabled software packages, and located at:

US & Canada: 

Australia & New Zealand:

Image Format - Use JPEG

Most GIS applications have PNG as the default image format for WMS requests. We recommend that you instead set the image format to JPEG when you set up a WMS connection to Nearmap. Each GIS application will have a means of specifying the image format or image encoding.

JPEG imagery is compressed, whereas PNG imagery is not. Setting JPEG as the image format will result a substantial improvement in performance due to much less data being downloaded, with only a small reduction in quality compared to PNG.

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