If you access Nearmap via WMS and have seen a surprising delay in image updates, it may be that new images are categorised under a different area. For example, we used to update Perth as a whole. As our coverage area increased, we found it necessary to split Perth into Perth North, Perth Central, and Perth South so that each area can be updated as soon as we have new imagery for it, rather than wait for the city as a whole to be completed. Adelaide is similar, now likewise split into Adelaide North, Adelaide Central, and Adelaide South. So the updates listed under Perth or Adelaide will not include the newer ones.

We don't make such changes often, but it is worth checking whether the images you seek are in a new category. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to see when new updates are released and which sections of your area of interest they cover. You can also sign up for survey update notifications when you search for a particular location using the MapBrowser.