What is True Ortho?

True Ortho in MapBrowser is a continuous ortho mosaic implementation of the True Ortho option provided through 3D Export. 

Regular orthographic images have building lean which combined with parallax error can result in features being blocked and invisible, which can result in inaccurate estimations or measurements. True Ortho eliminates all parallax distortion which allows for accurate horizontal measurement.

Advantages of using True Ortho

With True Ortho, you can:

  • View a continuous ortho mosaic of the coverage area.
  • Get a clear idea of the true nadir because of zero building lean.
  • Obtain accurate measurements due to elimination of parallax error.
  • View consistent spatial positioning of above ground objects.
  • Preview True Ortho images before a 3D export.


True Ortho visualisation is currently included with 3D Viewer and 3D Export subscriptions.


Check 3D coverage here: https://www.nearmap.com/au/en/current-aerial-maps-coverage

Accessing True Ortho

In MapBrowser, select True Ortho from the Base Layer picker.

Difference between True Ortho and Vertical imagery

True OrthoVertical
Only available to 3D Viewer usersAvailable to all users
Zero building leanBuilding lean present
Above-ground objects spatially consistent between imagesAbove-ground objects appear in different positions between images

No horizontal measurement error of above ground objects due to parallax error.Some horizontal error in measurement of above ground objects due to parallax error may be possible.
Updated for 3D captures onlyMore frequently updated
Derived from 3D processingUnaltered images