For all customers, Panorama and Oblique imagery are available in MapBrowser with specific Nearmap subscription offerings.


Nearmap Panorama imagery offers a 45-degree angle view of a location. Similar to our Vertical imagery, you can continuously pan around an area of interest and zoom in for more detail.

Viewing Panorama Imagery

There are two ways to access Panorama imagery:

1. Base Layer Picker

2. Compass tool

You can view Panorama imagery for each cardinal direction of the location using the compass tool. Click on any of the cardinal directions on the compass to quickly switch to a North, South, East or West Panorama for the current location.

Height and Width Cannot be Measured from Panorama Imagery

Nearmap adjusts photos in order to provide a coherent continuous Panorama. These adjustments make the Panorama unsuited to measuring height accurately. Different adjustments are made across a photo, and so there is not a single adjustment to a measurement that can be made to make it more accurate.

For this reason, the measurement tool is not available in Panorama.

Nearmap Oblique Imagery

Nearmap Oblique imagery provides a 45 degree angle view of a location. Oblique imagery differs from Panorama in that you view individual photos of an area, rather than a continuous, blended vertical imagery. 

Viewing Oblique Imagery

There are two ways to access Oblique imagery:

1. Base Layer Picker

2. Location information

In your normal Vertical view, simply search for a location or drop a location marker. If Oblique photos are available for that location, the OBLIQUE PHOTOS' button will be enabled. Click on this button to view the Oblique photos for this location:

Oblique content is available as individual photos, each taken from a different cardinal direction, ordinal direction, or occasionally both. Whether you see cardinal (North, South, East or West) or ordinal (North-East, South-West, South-East, North-West) photos depends on the orientation the survey flight took.

Select your photo from the Photos dropdown in the left-hand panel.

Measuring with Oblique Imagery

Nearmap's Oblique imagery provides an easy way to accurately measure areas, heights and slopes. Find out more: Measure Oblique Imagery.