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Administrators can check the usage of Nearmap data through the account portal.

If an account has more than one subscription, the usage is shown per subscription.

In addition to this guide, you can view our Service Portal tutorial video on the Usage Dashboard.

Checking Nearmap Date Usage

To check Nearmap data usage:

  1. As a Nearmap administrator, log in to Nearmap at
  2. Click the Usage tab.

This tab shows you a summary of your account, including your monthly data allowance, the amount of data consumed on your account so far this month, and the date on which your data allowance will reset.

The Current period chart shows your usage this calendar month. If you have a linked account with ArcGIS Online, both types of usage will be shown. 

The Usage per month chart shows historical usage on your account for the past 12 months. Hover over any month's bar in the chart to see the amount of usage measured for that month.

ArcGIS Online usage will be shown from July 2017 for customers with a linked ArcGIS Online account.

Below the chart, the Usage per user table shows you a breakdown of the data consumption per user for the current month. There is a radio button to be able to select the previous month. 

The Download CSV button will take the data for the selected month and put it in a .csv file, showing data in MegaBytes (MB).

Browser support for CSV download:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

On Safari, users will get a new tab with the data rather than a download.

This per user data does not contain any ArcGIS Online usage.

Usage Per Subscription

If your account has more than one subscription, click the tab of the subscription you want to view:

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