Administrators can check the usage of Nearmap data through the account portal.

How you are charged depends on your subscription. 

This guide includes the following sections:

In addition to this guide, you can view our Service Portal tutorial video on the Usage Dashboard.

Nearmap Usage Types

Your consumption of Nearmap data is charged by Usage Type.

The table below shows the different usage types that are displayed in the account portal. 

Usage TypeNearmap product consumptionBilled by
2D Data2D (vertical, oblique, panorama) via MapBrowser or APIMB/GB (as applicable)
3D Export3D via MapBrowserkm2 or ft2
AI ExportAI via MapBrowsernumber of parcels
TransactionDSM and True Ortho via APInumber of transactions

ArcGIS Online relates only to 2D Data. Usage is only shown in the annual and monthly charts alongside 2D Data.

Checking Nearmap Data Usage

To check Nearmap data usage:

  1. As a Nearmap administrator, log in to Nearmap at
  2. Click the Usage tab.

Viewing Usage for Each Subscription

This tab shows you a summary of your account, including your usage period, your annual data allowance, how many months you have remaining, and the amount of data (MB/GB, km2/mi2, parcels, transactions...)  consumed on your account so far since the beginning of the annual subscription.

Usage is shown per subscription. 

  1. If your account has more than one subscription, click the tab of the subscription you want to view.

  2. If your subscription has more than one usage type, select the usage type you want to view from the dropdown list.
    (Refer to the table in this section: Nearmap Usage Types).
    The screenshot below shows a subscription to two usage types: 2D data and Transactions.

  3. The bar shows you the total usage to date as part of the entire period's allowance.

Viewing Annual Usage

As an administrator you will see a Usage History graph if your allowance is annual.

The Usage history chart shows your usage during the last 12 months. Where you have a linked account with ArcGIS Online, you'll see both types of usage. 
If viewing on desktop, you can hover your cursor over each bar to view the actual usage stats for the usage type and ArcGIS Online usage, if applicable.

Viewing Monthly Usage

The Usage per month chart shows historical usage on your subscription for the past 12 months. Where you have a linked subscription with ArcGIS Online, you'll see both types of usage. 

  1. Make sure that, if there are multiple content types in this subscription, you select the one you want to view the usage for.

  2. Hover over any month's bar in the chart to see the amount of usage measured for that month.


Viewing Usage per User

Below the chart, the Usage per user table shows you a breakdown of the data consumption of the selected usage type per user for the current month.

  1. If there are multiple content types in this subscription, select the one you want to view the usage for.

  2. Scroll down to the Usage per User part of the page.

  3. Check the radio button against the period you wish to view.
    The radio buttons are as follows:
  • Current month
  • Previous month
  • Current term
    If this is an annual subscription, there is also a radio button to be able to select the current term, which includes the data consumption from the beginning of the usage term until now.

Downloading user usage

You can download usage for all users of this subscription

The Download CSV button will export the data for the selected month into a .csv file, showing data for all usage types against each user.

Browser support for CSV download:

  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

On Safari, users will get a new tab with the data rather than a download.

This per user data does not contain any ArcGIS Online usage.