AI Layers are available to view in  MapBrowser with a Nearmap AI subscription. You can visualise AI layers covered by your subscription  in your MapBrowser  Workspace and optionally overlay the layers and imagery with property or cadastre boundaries.

Why view AI layers?

Viewing parcel boundaries overlaid on AI Layers gives you an indication of what will be present in the export. What you see won't be exactly the same as what is exported, because we use post-processing algorithms to assign objects to parcels, filter out objects (that are too small or too low in confidence), and in some instances work with multiple AI Layers to produce a compound result (such as dominant roof material).

To view AI Layers you need a subscription to Nearmap AI, and the relevant AI Packs. Contact your Nearmap Account manager to enable AI Layers.  

Viewing AI layers

In MapBrowser, you can visualise AI Layers to help with both data validation, and to perform a visual search.  Simply select the data layers you want to view. You can also download our Generation 2 AI Content for an area of interest, exporting a rich geospatial file and .csv summary per property.

The relative transparency of the AI Layer reflects the confidence level of the particular attribute. The more transparent it is, the less confident we are that it actually is that particular attribute. For more information about Confidence, see Confidence Score. The example below shows gable-shaped roofs with the more confidently identified roof above and the less confidently identified one below.

If you select a survey date or a geographic region that doesn't have pre-processed AI data, you see a warning icon in the Layers panel, as shown of a location below.