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True Ortho is a digital data set that is used to show Nearmap imagery geometrically corrected ("orthorectified"), designed for analysis and decision making where a true nadir observation is advantageous.

Delivery and Supported Formats

The 3D products are delivered either online using MapBrowser 3D Export, or offline or via Secure Cloud Transfer. 

For offline 3D content please contact your Nearmap account manager.

The supported formats are:

FormatApplicationsMapBrowser Export
.TIF (GeoTIFF)Various

.JPEG Various

GeoTIFF is the preferred format.

Viewing True Ortho in Third-Party Applications

You can view Nearmap 3D True Ortho content in the following third-party application: 

Product Constraints

The Nearmap True Ortho product is derived from the Nearmap 3D reconstruction and could be considered a flattened textured mesh. Objects poorly reconstructed in 3D will also lack high resolution in the True Ortho product.

Although Nearmap's True Ortho is an image similar in appearance to the regular vertical (ortho) product, it has a 15cm pixel size and is lower in resolution that the standard product.

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