Layers provide a simple way to group different objects together so that you can organise your site layout more easily. 
For example, if you were creating a landscaping plan, you might draw out all of the areas of retaining walls, and then group those areas together under a layer called   ‘Retaining walls’.

You can create as many layers as you want in your workspace and save them to a project.

Accessing the Layer Manager

Click the Layers tool in the Sidebar to access the Layer Manager. The Layer Manager is a panel that is displayed on the left of the MapBrowser window. 

Layer Manager panels

The Layer Manager comprises the following panels:

Feature LayersEvery object, shape, or text you add to the map is added as a feature layer.
Data Layers

A data layer is a visualisation of information overlaid on to the map. Data Layers are grouped by:

  • AI Layers
  • GeoData Link layers
  • Roads and Boundaries

You will see the AI and GeoData Link layers only if you have a subscription for these products.

Resizing Layer Manager panels

To resize a panel, click on the line above the Data Layers panel and drag line to the desired position.

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