The right-click menu, referred to as the context menu, displays options for the current map or a selected object.

Accessing the context menu

You can access the context menu in one of these ways:

  1. Right-click in the map area.
  2. Select an object on the map and right-click. This menu can be accessed from the Feature Layers as well. 

The options displayed in the context menu are different based on the way you access the menu.  

On touch screen devices, touch and press down on the screen to open the context menu.

Map area context menu

Zoom to LocationZoom into an area on the map in a single click. This is only available for Vertical imagery.
Google Street ViewAccess Google Street View imagery in areas where it is available. 
View Oblique PhotosDisplays oblique photos if they are available for the location.
Add MarkerMark or "flag" a location on the map to help with site planning or to identify a location for a specific purpose.
Copy Location InfoCopy location details including address, coordinates and MapBrowser link for the location. 

You can also access the above options through the object context menu.

Object context menu

DuplicateMake a copy of the selected object.
GroupCombine shapes, text and/or markers into a single object.
UngroupSeparate a grouped object into multiple, individual objects.
Zoom to LayerBrings the selected object into focus by displaying it in the centre of the map.
RenameOpens the Layer Manager with the selected object's name selected for you to rename the object.
DeleteDeletes the selected object.

Hides the selected object. To display the hidden object, click the Show/Hide button () in the Layer Manager.