This document describes the difference between the Survey Date and the Photo Time, and why it is not always the same.

When we fly a new survey it may take several days and multiple flights to complete, depending on the size of the survey, weather conditions and air traffic control. Once published, the date of the first flight of the survey is displayed at the top left of the page, within the MapBrowser timeline. We call this date the “Survey Date”.”

When you view a location with the Marker tool you will also be given the date and time that specific photo was taken.

As surveys can be run over multiple days it is possible for the survey date and the photo time to be different while both being correct and accurate.

The below example shows vertical imagery taken in Perth, Western Australia on Sunday October 11 2020 while the survey is displayed as the Sat October 10 2020.

Please refer to the Marker tool guide for more information.