This option captures the entire map view, and is very useful for sharing an image quickly with others via email, or for use in presentations.

It is also a good way of producing a printout from MapBrowser. Once you've taken the snapshot, simply print it out.

Take a snapshot

To take a snapshot of your MapBrowser view, click Snapshot from the top menu bar.

The file is saved locally to your computer as .png. 

What can you take a snapshot of?

Provided your subscription includes the relevant Nearmap content, you can take a snapshot of:

  • Vertical
  • Panorama
  • Oblique
  • AI


  • Roads
  • Terrain (AU customers)

And Data Layers

  • Roads Overlay
  • Boundaries
  • AI Data Layers

Note: You cannot take a snapshot of 3D.

What is included in the snapshot image?

If you have measurements on the map, they will be included in the snapshot image.

The exported screenshot includes the survey date at the bottom left-hand corner. The survey date may differ from the actual capture date of the image, as explained in Survey Date and Photo Time.

What is the screenshot resolution?

The resolution of the snapshot .png file is determined by the size of your browser window.

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