To access the Site Planner from MapBrowser:


Select Site Planner from the tool menu:

Open the Tools menu, select Design, then click Site Plan:

Site Planner is a feature designed to help you annotate Nearmap imagery and to add to-scale representations of real-world objects to Nearmap imagery.

The Site Planner object library contains basic lines, polygons and text boxes, as well as scaled representations of household and construction objects such as swimming pools, tennis courts, cranes and generators.

This feature can help when planning construction work, a special event, or where to place your new pool.

The Site Planner is only available on certain subscriptions. If you have specific improvements or items you would like added, please contact us via

This guide includes the following sections:

Add an Object

Simply find the object you wish to add in the Site Planner Object tool then click on the object once. The object will appear at the centre of the map.

If you zoom in or out, the object will scale to match a real-world object as if it were placed on the map.

The objects you add will remain on the map until you delete them, refresh the browser, or log out.

To copy an object, use Ctrl-C on Windows or Command-C on a Mac. To paste an object, use Ctrl-V on Windows and Command-V on a Mac.

Basic objects, such as adjustable polygons and text boxes, can be used to represent a variety of objects not otherwise found in the library. To label a text box, just double-click it once placed on the map. Unlike other objects, text box size does not change as you zoom in or out of the map.

Move an Object

To move an object, just click-and-drag to place the image at the desired location.

Rotate an Object

Only the physical objects in the Objects Library can be rotated. At the moment, shapes and text boxes in the Basic Objects section of the Objects Library can't be rotated.

To rotate an object:

  1. Click the object on the map to select it.
  2. In the Rotate box at the bottom of the SitePlanner panel, enter a figure in degrees, or use the up and down controls to increase and decrease rotation.

Resize an Object

Only the polygons in the Basic Objects library can be resized.

To resize a basic object:

  1. Click the object on the map to select it.
  2. Use the vertices and size controls to manipulate and resize the object.

Delete an Object

To delete an object, select the object then either click the trash can icon in the Site Planner panel, or press the delete key.

To clear all objects from the site plan you'll need to delete the entire layer they're a part of. To do this, switch to the Layers Manager tool, select the layer of your site, and click the trash can icon.

Use the My Data Tool / Layers Manager to Manage Site Plans

When you create a site plan, a layer is automatically created to hold it in the My Data/Layers Manager tool.

You can activate and de-activate layers in the My Data tool to show or hide your site plans.

You can also create new layers in My Data to keep your site plans separate.

See My Data for more information on managing your data layers.

Print or Save Your Site Plans

There are two ways to print or save a map with SitePlanner images:

  • Take a screenshot using your system PrintScreen function. Save the screenshot and print it if you need to.
  • Print directly from your browser instead of using the Export tool from the Nearmap toolbar. If Print to PDF functionality is enabled on your computer, you will be able to save a PDF of your site plan.

At the time of writing, instructions on how to print in common browsers were found here:

Note: Currently site plans can not be exported with the Export Imagery feature.