Once you access MapBrowser using one the methods described in Access MapBrowser, you need to sign in. 

Users have a different sign in experience from administrators. This article describes:

User Sign in

  1. Enter your username or email:

  2. Enter your password:

    This is the same password you have been using to access Nearmap. 
    If you can't remember it, you can reset it here by following the Forgot Password? link on the screen.

  3. The Welcome page is your entryway into Nearmap. You can get to all the main functions easily from here, and as Nearmap continues to expand the products and services available, they will be made available through this page.

    MapBrowser to go ahead and use MapBrowser.
    You can also choose to go to 
    My ProfileMy API Keys, or My Watchlist:

If you are trying to sign into MapBrowser, and you see a "Sign in failed error", please refer to MapBrowser Login Loop.

Administrator Sign in

Follow steps 1 and 2 as for user sign in above. 

3. You are taken to the Self-Service Portal. Click on either Go to MapBrowser link, as shown in the screenshot below.

MapBrowser Sign in State

A new MapBrowser session will always open with the URL from the close of the last session, unless you use a specific URL: as in scenarios 3 (bookmarked URL) and 4 (shared URL).

The URL contains the following information:

  • Latitude and Longitude 
  • Zoom level 
  • Rotation 
  • Mapview imagery layer
  • Survey date 
  • Photo Resource ID | Photo ID (oblique only)

This article provides more information: About the MapBrowser URL.

The exception to this is if 3D is your saved (and hence persisted) base layer, on a tablet device it will default to the Vertical base layer.