Copy location using MapBrowser Link button

The easiest way to share a location is by using the Copy MapBrowser Link button.

Once a location pin is dropped on the map, the Feature Layer panel appears on the right. 

From here, click the copy button against the MapBrowser Link.

This can be pasted directly into another MapBrowser session, provided the user you are sharing with has access to this geographical area, and to the same content type.

Copy URL from web browser

Share a location with other MapBrowser users by copying the URL from your browser. 

Instead of using the MapBrowser Link button, you can also copy the URL in MapBrowser and paste it into another MapBrowser.

Note that when browsing locations in MapBrowser, the URL changes dynamically but a location pin is not placed unless you:

  • Select a location you've searched on using the Search Tool
  • Paste a MapBrowser Link into the browser address bar when using MapBrowser.