In MapBrowser you can choose to display a transparent road map over the Vertical imagery base layer.

To view the street map as a base layer in itself, rather than a transparent overlay, select Roadmaps View.

Road Maps are provided by Here.comNearmap has no access to or control over the data in these layers, or their accuracy.

Turn on Road Overlays

To view road overlays:

  1. In MapBrowser go to your location of interest.

  2. Make sure you have either Vertical or Terrain selected as your base layer.

  3. Turn on roads overlay by either:
    1. checking the Roads Overlay box in the Data Layers panel,

    2. or selecting Roads Overlay from the hamburger menu.

The Roads Overlay appears as a transparent layer above the selected base layer (Vertical or Terrain). You can use the Background slider in the Data Layer panel to adjust the contrast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does having Roads Overlay turned on affect my data usage?

No. There is no difference to your 2D usage whether Roads Overlay is on or off. The same usage rules apply. Find out more in About Data Usage.

your Nearmap imagery.

Can I view Roads Overlay on top of imagery other than Nearmap Vertical?

Yes. You can also switch on Roads Overlay with either Nearmap Vertical imagery or Terrain as the base layer in MapBrowser.