The Property tool is available in Australia only and only on specific Nearmap Property subscriptions. With the Info tab open, simply click a property to see up-to-date information provided by Hometrack.

The information available will depend on the history of the property and what records are available. Data may include the sale history going back several decades, rental history, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, car spaces, and improvements. Sales and rental listings may include information such as time period on the market, agent, and yield. Cadastre and property boundaries, with their details, should also appear for the property. For many properties, several nearby Similar Properties will be listed for comparison.

If your Nearmap Property subscription includes it, you can access our Agent Reporting Tool, a sophisticated interface for property valuation. Automated valuation is available through our Property Reports as well.

The Site Finder tab allows you to narrow down properties based on their frontage, land area, and number of strata. For example, you can choose to only highlight properties with fewer than five strata and a land area greater than 50 square metres. Note that frontage is the length of a plot of land or a building measured alongside the road onto which the plot or building fronts. We calculate this automatically based on an algorithm, so double-check any individual frontage value using our measurement tools if it is of importance. Frontage is available for NSW, QLD, WA, and VIC only.

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