In order to print from the new MapBrowser, you can download (export) the map you want, with or without Map Objects, and then print it out. Read about exporting imagery from the new MapBrowser.

The following guide explains how to print from MapBrowser Classic


  1. To print from Nearmap, click the Print icon from the Nearmap toolbar.

    Use this tool if you would like to print your current window. The area you're looking at in the browser will auto-fit to the page you print, so if you want to maximise the size of the image on the printed page, make sure the aspect ratio of your browser window (height vs. width) matches that of the page you want to print. So if you're printing in portrait, make your browser taller than it is wide, and if printing in landscape, make the browser wider than it is tall.


You can print basic aerial imagery (without any overlays or markers) using Export > Print from the MapBrowser toolbar.

Using the Print Functionality from the Export Feature in the MapBrowser

To print from the MapBrowser:

  1. From the Toolbar, select Export.
  2. Select Print.
  3. In the Notes field, enter any notes you would like to include in your printout.
  4. In the top-right corner of the screen, click Print.

Your browser's Print interface opens, and you can configure your printout options.

Working around the Nearmap Print Limitations

Currently, the Export > Print tool only prints the basic vertical aerials of our vertical imagery. Overlays, markers and other map views will not be included. We hope to include more functionality in our printed output in the future.

To work around these limitations for now, there are two options:

  • Instead of using the Nearmap Print feature from the Export tool, use the built-in Print functionality in Firefox or Internet Explorer. These browsers give the best results if you are trying to include overlays in your printed output. The output from Chrome tends not to give good results.
  • Use your computer's Print Screen tool to take a screen capture of the Nearmap MapBrowser window while your overlays, markers or preferred views are displayed. You can then save or print the screen capture.

Here is a website that explains how to take a screen capture in Windows or Mac OS: Please note that the website is not associated with Nearmap, and we cannot guarantee its content.

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