If your organization has Portal for ArcGIS, you can add our imagery to Portal for consumption by your Portal users.

Before starting, make sure that:

  1. You have an ArcGIS Online organization account that is provisioned with access to our imagery.
    (For information on how to be provisioned with access to Nearmap's ArcGIS Online offering, please click here.)
  2. You are Portal user who is able to add items from ArcGIS Online and can share/publish content within Portal to other users.
  3. Portal can access items from ArcGIS online (i.e. no firewall restrictions between Portal and ArcGIS Online).


If your corporate security policies restrict your Portal from communicating to the internet, you may need set up a collaboration workspace between ArcGIS Online and your ArcGIS Portal. This allows interaction between the two in a secure fashion, and, in turn, to authenticate access to Nearmap Marketplace item.

The Esri article below explains how to do this and we advise that you consult your Esri implementation specialist on the specifics of setting it up.


Follow these steps to add Nearmap imagery to Portal:

  1. Login to ArcGIS Online using your organization’s account.

  2. In the Search bar, type in Nearmap Vertical to search for Nearmap Vertical Imagery layers within the ArcGIS Online.

  3. The search results should display the “Nearmap US Vertical Imagery”, “Nearmap AU Vertical Imagery”, "Nearmap NZ Vertical Imagery", and "Nearmap CA Vertical Imagery" layers:

    Note: If the search results do not list the above mentioned layers, check that your search is not constrained to Only search for content within your organization’s ArcGIS online account:

  4. Click Details for the layer you intend to add to Portal (US, NZ, or AU).

  5. Within the Details page, you will find a URL listed on the right side of the page. Click the ‘Copy’ button next to the URL.

    For Nearmap US Vertical Imagery, the URL will be:

    For Nearmap AU Vertical Imagery, the URL will be:

    For Nearmap NZ Photomaps, the URL will be:

    For Nearmap CA Photomaps, the URL will be:

  6. Next log in to Portal for ArcGIS, go to My Content and then Add Item add our imagery to Portal.

  7. In the drop down pane, select From the web.

  8. Enter/select as follows:

    Type: ArcGIS Server web service

    URL:  Enter/Paste the URL copied from ArcGIS Online

    Username: ArcGIS Online account username

    Password: ArcGIS Online account password

    Select Store credentials with service item. This will store the ArcGIS Online credentials in the Portal and allow all Portal users to access the item without having to be signed into ArcGIS Online.

    Title: This will be the displayed name within Portal for the layer. Modify the title as desired.

    Tag:  Add tags as required.

  9. Click Add Item.

  10. In the Description page that opens, click the SHARE button.

  11. Within the SHARE window, tick or untick as desired the user groups you would like this layer to be accessible to. Click OK.

Your ArcGIS Portal users should now be able to use this Portal item in Web apps, ArcMap, and other applications as per the normal Portal workflow.