MapBrowser is more than a tool for navigating, measuring and exporting Nearmap a range of Nearmap content. You can also organise your findings and save them as Projects.

Elements you add to the map using the toolbar controls are visible in the WORKSPACE panel on the left-hand side of MapBrowser. In addition to these elements, you can import your own KML layers onto Vertical imagery.

You can rename, group, reorder and hide elements, as well as change their appearance and units of measure.

You can also save these elements as a Project, which you can name and return to whenever you wish.

In MapBrowser you can create as many Projects as you want, and archive Projects you no longer need.

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Projects and Feature Layers

Data Layers

Also in the WORKSPACE panel are data-type layers.

These include:

and if you have a subscription to any of ouAI Packs, you will see the AI Attribute layers here also.