Nearmap on OpenSolar users have default access to the Basic Design mode of the application, which includes functionality similar to the MapBrowser Solar Tool.

The Basic Design Mode affects only the Studio zone. You can easily switch to Full Design Mode. Refer to this article Nearmap on OpenSolar Full Design.

For documentation of the full design mode in Studio, please refer to OpenSolar's Help Center guide on the Studio Zone.

Watch our video: Nearmap on OpenSolar Basic Design Mode

Basic Mode Studio Zone

This section will take you through the process of creating and designing a solar project using the basic design mode.

Start a New Project

By default all first-time OpenSolar users see Basic Design Mode.

In the Projects zone of Nearmap on OpenSolar, create a new project by clicking New Project and entering an address. Then click Create & Design:

This will take you to the Studio Zone in Basic Mode:

Panels System

The basic design can include only one panel system, which you will have to add as explained in the next section.

As soon as you add more than one system you will revert to the full design. To return to basic mode, delete all except one system, and then the button will appear on the bottom left panel, allowing you to return to basic design.

Add Panel Groups

The first step of your design is to add panel groups. You can use the tooltips to assist you in the design process.

  1. Click the + icon to start adding panel groups:

  2. Place panels on the roof:

You can add multiple rows of panels if you want. You can also use Nearmap's Oblique Imagery to Create a 3D Model.

Select Panel Type

  1. To select the panel type click the SELECT button next to the default panel type. The module list is preloaded with short selection, which includes the very common popular panels:

  2. Select the panel type if it's in the list, otherwise you can search the module database by selecting the second tab and entering a keyword:

Shading Losses

You can account for a percentage per annum shading loss:

Inverter Efficiency

It is up to you to determine the efficiency. The initial value in the Inverter Efficiency shows the efficiency value of the default inverter that is in your account, and you have the option to edit it:

To learn more about the efficiency please refer to OpenSolar's Help Center article on How OpenSolar Calculates System Output.


Type in the price including GST:

Price payable is the price minus the incentive that goes to the installer. Note that the incentive isn't automatically built into the pricing, the incentive is configured in the Control zone.

The payment option in basic mode is cash payment.

3D Measurement Tools

3D measurement tools do not appear by default, you will need to update the Studio settings.

  1. From within Studio click the Settings icon, then select Studio Preferences:

  2. In Advanced Settings enable the 3D design: