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Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS allows you to create a customisable oblique viewer which you can use to view and measure off Nearmap oblique content. You do this by installing the “Oblique Viewer for Nearmap” widget on an ArcGIS platform.

Access to this widget requires a subscription to Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS. Talk to your Nearmap Account Manager for more information.

Oblique Viewer for Nearmap is a custom ArcGIS widget, which means it is not a widget that Esri provides. An administrator needs to install it in one of two ways:

  • Bringing the widget into Portal (ArcGIS Enterprise).
    This is the recommended option.
  • Bringing the custom code into Web AppBuilder and hosting it (along with any other ArcGIS widgets).

The above platforms can run the widget on desktop, tablets and smart phones.

What can you do with the Oblique Viewer for Nearmap widget?

  • Browse obliques
  • Change dates
  • Change orientations
  • Change photos
  • Measure widths and heights
  • Add annotations

What is not included?

  • 3D Area measurement 
  • Parcel overlays
  • Vector overlays

Nearmap Oblique imagery

Nearmap Obliques allow you to view a location from multiple aspects (or at an angle). So rather than seeing the vertical "bird's eye view", you can also see objects from its various sides.

Key features of Nearmap's oblique imagery include:

  • GSD: 7.6 cm or 3” / Vertical Accuracy: 15cm or 6”
  • Multi-perspective aerial view at a 45-degree angle
  • View four directional aspects with a gallery of individual source images
  • Accurate height, slope, and roof area measurements

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription do I need to use the Oblique Viewer for Nearmap Widget?

In order to integrate Nearmap Oblique imagery into ArcGIS you need to have a Nearmap Oblique subscription.

In addition you need the Nearmap Oblique for ArcGIS software bundle.

How am I charged when I use the Oblique Viewer for Nearmap Widget?

There is no charge for the widget product.

You are charged for Nearmap Oblique imagery usage. This is part of the Nearmap 2D content usage charge.

Note: This is not ArcGIS Online usage.

Find out what affects your data usage here: About Data Usage

Nearmap Administrators can view data usage via the Account Portal. Find out how in this article: View Account Data Usage.

Can I overlay any parcel or vector data?

No, parcel or vector data overlays are not possible.

However you can bring in your own overlays into the main web map inside your WebAppBuilder application.

What happens if the Oblique Viewer for Nearmap Widget is updated?

Whenever the Oblique Viewer for Nearmap Widget is updated, Nearmap will notify you so you can download the latest version.