Existing and Update Frequency of Nearmap's Imagery

How else can I get coverage updates?

Due to the many factors involved in conducting aerial surveys, our Coverage Map is the most detailed information we are able to provide about upcoming captures. As much as we wish we could, we are not able to provide more specific information upon request. 

Nearmap customers can add locations to their watchlist to receive notifications, via email, when the area is updated with new imagery. For more information on updating your watchlist click here.

You can also subscribe to one of our Twitter feeds, where each new survey update is posted:

Please note that our ability to capture Nearmap imagery depends on weather restrictions, Air Traffic Control, and many other factors.

If an area of interest to you is not in the upcoming flight plan, it is possible for us to arrange a custom flight in Australia. 

Why hasn't an area been updated more recently?

We use a fleet of aircraft to constantly update our coverage to schedule, factoring in the constraints of weather conditions and Air Traffic Control.

In some areas, seasonal rain and cloud prevent updates for portions of the year. Occasionally, other areas experience unseasonal amounts of rain and cloud, which can also delay updates.

If your area of interest is within our metropolitan coverage, please be assured that we have it on our survey schedule and will update it as soon as conditions permit.

Please see our coverage map for more information on capture schedules.

Note that photographing an area with cloud cover can render large parts of a survey unusable. We work hard to avoid situations like this.

What times during the day are photos taken?

Nearmap flight surveys are conducted between two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset. You can see exactly when a given image was captured by clicking on a spot using the Location tool.

Which State Package does my border location fall under?

If you are unsure which of two state packages a border town of interest will be covered by, we can look this up for you. Please email us with the town names. However, our state packages typically overlap so that towns lying along a border are covered by both state packages.