Nearmap has a range of APIs to help you access our content in your bespoke application, and in popular GIS and CAD applications. To consume Nearmap content using an API or WMS, you must authenticate using API Key Authentication, and obtain either a Simple WMS URL or a Custom WMS URL to load in the application.

Tile API and Coverage API

Nearmap provides access to its Vertical and Panorama Imagery via a Tile API using Google Maps Tile Coordinates, also known as Slippy Tilenames.

Nearmap's Tile API is designed to be accessed by an application via URL requests. We recommend that you use a mapping framework designed to consume tiled maps, such as OpenLayersLeafletGoogle Maps JavaScript API, etc.

If your subscription terms permit, then you should also use the Tile API for doing bulk downloading of large amounts of imagery.

You can consume Tile API directly in ArcGIS Online.


Coverage API

Use Nearmap Coverage API to get a list of surveys by date for a location, which you can then use with Nearmap's Tile API

If you want to use Nearmap imagery as the basemap in a web application, and be able to pan around and zoom, use our Tile API in conjunction with our Coverage API.

Using the Coverage API, you can retrieve metadata for a given point, polygon, or tile coordinate. You can retrieve content for all areas where there is coverage, or only surveys that insect with the specified polygon.


Image API

The the easiest way to display a small amount of imagery in a web page is by using our Image API. Use it when you want to display a single property, for example.


DSM and TrueOrtho API

The DSM and True Ortho API provides access to two of our 3D content types: Digital Surface Model and True Ortho. Additionally, you can use this API to access Nearmap's vertical content. This API is designed to work with smaller areas, such as typical residential and small commercial properties. For such small areas, this API provides low latency access, typically completed in under a second.

Before you start

The DSM and TrueOrtho API requires a special subscription. Contact your Nearmap Account Manager for more information.

Before you start using your DSM and TrueOrtho API key, if there are multiple subscriptions on your Nearmap account, you need to ensure that you are allocated the correct license.

Your Nearmap administrator needs to do this for you by following the steps in this article: Manage Subscriptions.


AI Feature API

Use your Nearmap AI export credits (the same credits that let you export AI data from MapBrowser) to pull AI data for your area of interest and, optionally, a date range.


WMS 2.0

Nearmap WMS integration allows users of off-the-shelf GIS and CAD applications to load high-resolution imagery on demand.


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