Viewing the dashboard

The MyAccount Dashboard is the first page you will see whenever you log on to MyAccount. For instructions to log on to MyAccount, see Access MyAccount

The Dashboard displays a Notifications panel with details of usage or subscription errors and other notifications. The notifications you see depend upon your role. For more information see, User Dashboard and Administrator Dashboard.

Next to the Notifications panel, the Recent Projects panel that displays links to your current workspace and saved projects is displayed. Clicking a project link opens the project in MapBrowser.

Click VIEW ALL PROJECTS to view a list of your projects in the Project dialogue in MapBrowser. 

An example of an administrator's Dashboard is shown here.

Below the notifications and projects, the Helpful Links section with access to the following is displayed.

  • Knowledge Hub links to access Product Documentation, FAQ and Troubleshooting and Technical Blogs
  • Areas covered by Nearmap surveys
  • Customer use cases for Nearmap imagery
  • Link to submit a support request