Measuring on MapBrowser using a tablet device is much the same as using a desktop. The tables in the sections below indicate whether functionality is available or not.

Inspector panel

ActionAvailable on tablet?Comments
Unit settings
Custom input
Total measurements
Change colour
Note (tick)

On basemap

ActionAvailable on tablet?Comments
Move a vertex(tick)
Add a vertex(tick)Tap the middle point first, which is hidden at first
Remove a vertex(tick)
Drag and move a feature(tick)
Drag and move a group(tick)Select the group on layer manager
Right-click to context menu(error)

Layer Manager panel


Available on tablet?


(tick)Tap ‘+’
(error)Alternative is to drag features one by one from a group
(tick)Click the eye icon
(tick)Double-click the feature name
Zoom to layer
(tick)Double- click the feature icon
Right-click to context menu
Move a feature or a group up/down/in/out of groups (error)

Only with a connected mouse/keyboard


Available on tablet?


Duplicate features/groups
Ungroup (unless they drag features one by one from a group) (tick)
Multiple-select features(tick)with Shift key
Select multiple groups or features (tick)with Shift key

Drawing a line

  1. Tap the Line tool.
  2. Tap the start point.
  3. Double-tap the endpoint.

Drawing a rectangle/polygon

  1. Tap the Rectangle/Polygon tool.
  2. Tap the start point
  3. Tap each vertex point
  4. Double-tap the start point to close the rectangle/polygon.

Drawing a circle

  1. Double-tap to create a circle. 
  2. Adjust the circle size by either:
    1. Tapping on the the circle's perimeter and dragging to the desired size.
    2. Entering the desired radius or diameter in Inspector Panel.

You can move the circle and text annotation by dragging them around the map by touching and dragging at the centre.

Adding and moving points

To adjust a measurement touch any point along the line, area, or radius, and drag to a new position.

If you have made a mistake, the easiest way to remove a point is to tap-select it, drag it first and then double-tap to remove it.