Measuring on MapBrowser using a tablet device is much the same as using a desktop. The table below indicates where functionality is available or not.

Actionavailable on tablet?comments

Inspector panel

Unit settings
Custom input
Total measurements
Change colour
Note (tick)

On basemap

Move a vertex(tick)
Add a vertex(tick)tap the middle point first, which is hidden at first
Remove a vertex(tick)
Drag and move a feature(tick)
Drag and move a group(tick)select the group on layer manager
Right-click to context menu(error)

Layer manager panel

(tick) tap ‘+’
(error)alternative is to  drag features one by one from a group
(tick) click the eye icon
(tick) double click the feature name
Zoom to layer
(tick) double click the feature icon
Right-click to context menu
Move a feature or a group up/down/in/out of groups (error)

Only with the help of a connected mouse/keyboard

Duplicate features/groups
Ungroup (unless they drag features one by one from a group) (tick)
Multiple-select features(tick)with Shift key
Select multiple groups or features (tick)with Shift key

Drawing a line

  1. Tap the Line Tool.
  2. Tap the start point.
  3. Double-tap the endpoint.

Drawing a polygon

  1. Tap the Polygon Tool
  2. Tap the start point
  3. Tap each vertex point
  4. Double-tap the start point to close the polygon.

Drawing a circle

  1. Double-tap to create a circle. 
  2. Adjust the circle size by either:
  • tapping on the circle's perimeter and dragging to the desired size.
  • entering the desired radius or diameter in Inspector Panel.

Note: You can move the Circle and the Text annotation by dragging them around the map by touching and dragging at the centre.

Adding and moving points

To adjust a measurement touch any point along the line, area, or radius, and drag to a new position.

If you have made a mistake, the easiest way to remove a point is to tap-select it, drag it first, and then double-tap to remove it.