This section refers to measurement tools for vertical imagery. Please refer to Measure Oblique Imagery for line and area tools.

With the vertical measurement tools, you can:

  • Measure the length of a straight line and the length of a path composed of multiple lines, and choose whether to view the elevation profile for the line or path
  • Draw a polygon on the map and measure its area and the length of its sides
  • Draw a circle on the map and measure its area and radius

In each of the measurement tools you can choose:

  • The units of measurement
  • The colour of the line/area
  • The brightness of the line/area
  • The opacity of the area of a polygon/circle
  • Whether to display or hide the measurement labels

This guide explains how to use the tools in a web browser and on tablet devices

Note: MapBrowser's measurement tools use appropriate local representations of the Earth's surface and are typically accurate to +/- 15 cm for distances up to 200 m. 

Measuring Using a Web Browser


Measure the length of an object or path using the line tool:


Measure the area of an object or space:


Find the area, radius, diameter, and circumference of a circle:

Nearmap's Oblique imagery provides an easy way to accurately measure areas, heights and slopes. Find out more: MB - Measure Oblique Imagery.

Measuring on Tablet Devices

You can measure Vertical imagery on tablets using our Line, Area and Radius tools. You can also easily add text annotations using the Text tool.

  1. To start measuring, tap the first point you want to measure from:

  2. Tap the point you want to measure to:

  3. To finish the measurement, tap the end point again. The line will turn from blue to red to indicate you have finished drawing. Red also indicates that the line is currently selected:

Adjusting a Measurement

To adjust a measurement touch any point along the line, area, or radius, and drag to a new position.

If you have made a mistake, you can easily remove a section of a line or area measurement, by double tapping the vertex you want to remove:

Note: You can move the Radius and the Text annotation by dragging them around the map by touching and dragging at the center.