The measurement tools for oblique imagery allow you to measure height, width, area, roof pitch, and angle from high resolution, up-to-date source photos.

Nearmap Oblique imagery provides a 45-degree angle view of a location. You can view Oblique imagery for each cardinal direction of the location, allowing you to measure the height and width of objects and buildings, 3D lines, such as the slope of roofs, and 3D areas, such as rooftops.

Tools you can use to measure Oblique imagery include:

Note: Oblique imagery is not available in Classic MapBrowser.

Other ways to edit and manage measurements

Unlike measurements on our vertical content, you can't change the values of oblique measurements from Inspector Panel.

However, there is a lot you can do on the map, from Inspector Panel, and from Layer Manager to edit and manage your measurements.

Refer to the article Common Measurement Actions.