Accessing the Height and Width Tools

To access the Height and Width tools go to the location you want, then switch to oblique view, either by clicking the View Oblique Photos in the location information, or by using the compass tool:

Once you are in oblique view, click the Height or the Width tool.

Measuring Height from Oblique Imagery

You can measure the height of a building or object from our Oblique imagery using the Height tool:

Tips for Measuring Height

  • It is easier to start by selecting the ground point from which you are measuring.
  • Measure up to the top of the building or object. 
    • To chose the correct point, it helps to imagine where the two lines of the top of the building intersect.
  • Note that the line is perpendicular to the ground (at a 90 degree angle). 
    • For buildings that are not standard in shape, the line should still be at 90 degrees to the ground from the point at which you wish to measure height — just as if you were standing on the top of the building, and dropping a plumb line to the ground.
Note: Viewing Oblique photos and measuring height are not available in Classic MapBrowser.

Measuring Width from Oblique Imagery

The MapBrowser Width tool lets you measure the distance along the ground in Oblique photos, this means you can easily measure the width of a building or object, or accurately measure the distance between two objects along the ground.

Tips for Measuring Width

  • Measuring at the ground level provides the most accurate measurement of the object.
  • Measuring in the middle or the top of a building is less accurate, due to the offset created by the change in perspective.
    • The accuracy is less affected when measuring width on smaller buildings, such as residential buildings
    • The accuracy is affected slightly more when measuring width on taller buildings, such as high rise buildings

Please refer to the Oblique Line Tool and Oblique Area Tool to learn how to perform measurements using oblique imagery.