Let's look at the tools to measure the area and perimeter/circumference using shapes. Using the shape tools, you can easily draw an outline of buildings or areas to measure the area or perimeter, or the circumference for a circular area. 

Drawing a rectangle

  1. Rotate the map such that you can align the rectangle correctly over the area you want to measure.
  2. Click the Rectangle   button.
  3. Click on the map to start drawing the area. This is the first vertex of the rectangle.

  4. Drag the mouse to cover the required area. 

  5. Double-click to close out the area.

  6. To reset the map to North, click in the centre of the compass after you have drawn the rectangle.

To align a rectangle, you can rotate it using its vertices. 

  1. Position the cursor near the vertex from which you want to rotate the rectangle. The cursor changes to an an arc with arrows. 
  2. Click the left-mouse button and drag the rectangle to the angle you want. 
  3. Release the mouse button to finish.

Drawing a polygon

  1. Click the Polygon   button.
  2. Draw out the area by clicking each vertex of your area.
  3. Double-click the last vertex to close out the area.

Drawing a circle

  1. Click the Circle button.
  2. Click onto the map roughly where the centre of the circle is. You can move the circle later if you want to re-position it.
  3. Click onto the point so that you see a dotted box around it.
  4. Now drag out the circle until it is the size you want.