The Login Loop

Some users are not able to login to the new MapBrowser, and instead they are redirected in a loop.

When these users first visit the MapBrowser they get to the following screen:

The users click CONTINUE and are then prompted to enter their credentials.

Once their credentials are authenticated they are redirected again to the above “Sign in to MapBrowser” screen. If they click CONTINUE again, they will get a  "Sign in failed" error.

This sign in error is caused because of the users' system time within their network configuration. If the system time is over an hour and five minutes out, then the users will be unable to be correctly sign in and will instead experience this described login loop.

How to Solve the Issue

Adjusting or repairing the system / network time immediately resolves this issue. 

First you should try to Clear Browser Cookies and Cache.

Then go to the Date and time Settings, and:

  • Change the time on your PC
  • Make sure that Set time automatically is on
  • Make sure that Adjust for daylight saving time automatically is on

Refresh your browser, or close the browser and open it again.