MapBrowser Classic will only be available to current Nearmap Solar users from June 30, 2022. For any enquiries, contact Nearmap Support.

This guide described the different elements on the MapBrowser page for US users:

1) Toolbar

The toolbar on the left edge of the screen provides quick access to a variety of functions. Available functions depend on your Nearmap subscription. Please refer to the Toolbar Guide for details.

2) Search Box

Use the Search box to

3) Date Selection Tool

You can view the Nearmap imagery captured on different dates, allowing you to see changes to the environment over time.

The drop-down list shows you what dates are available for the imagery you want.  For more information on viewing historical imagery from available capture dates, refer to the Date Selection Tool.

4) Account and New MapBrowser

Click on the arrow icon next to your name to open the menu. This gives you the options to go to your Account page, to upgrade your account, to go to your Usage page, to go to your Package page, to go to the documentation site, to contact sales, to contact the legal team, to provide feedback, and to go to the New MapBrowser. You can also or click "Log Out" to end your browsing session. Closing the browser window will not log you out automatically unless your browser is set to delete cookies upon exit.

5) StreetviewTM

This is Google's StreetView™ tool and behaves in the same manner as in Google Maps. There is an orange man icon above the zoom toolbar in the upper left. When you click and drag the orange man icon, streets that StreetView is available for will appear in blue on the map. Drop the man on a blue highlighted street and you will be taken into StreetView mode. You can zoom in and out, pan around, double-click to jump to a different location, or click the arrows that appear to move up and down streets. Measurements cannot be taken in this mode. To leave StreetView, click the "Close" button in the upper right of the screen.

6) Zoom

The zoom tool allows you to control the map zoom level. Click on the + / - buttons to increase or decrease the zoom level. You can also click and drag the slider. If your mouse has a scroll wheel, position the mouse over the map and use the scroll wheel to adjust the zoom level. Alternatively, use the plus and minus keys on your keyboard. You can also double click to center the map and zoom into that location.

7) Terms of Use

This link takes you to legal information.

8) Scale Bar

The scale bar will automatically respond to the zoom level you are at. If you click it, it will switch between meters and feet, which changes the scale bar length slightly.

Note that the same unit length may appear at different zoom levels, but the scale bar size will be different. Do not use the scale bar to measure objects because of the reasons outlined in this document; use the Measure tools instead.