IMPORTANT - for Internet Explorer 10 and earlier

MapBrowser Classic (AU and US versions) is no longer supported on IE 10 and earlier.

To use MapBrowser Classic, please update your browser to Internet Explorer version 11.

MapBrowser Classic is available for Australia and the United States. Both versions have almost the same functionality, with the main differences in the layout of the user interface and the toolbar.

Accessing MapBrowser Classic

You can access the MapBrowser Classic from MapBrowser.

If you are logged into MapBrowser, simply click on Switch to MapBrowser Classic” in the menu, which is found in the top left-hand corner:

As of November 2020, new Nearmap customers will not see the "Switch to MapBrowser Classic" option.

MapBrowser Classic Guide

Choose the MapBrowser for your location:

MapBrowser Classic AU

MapBrowser Classic US

The following sections are included in the MapBrowser Classic Guide: