The MapBrowser boundaries feature allows MapBrowser users to visualise boundary lines as well as other data about a property or land parcel, as an overlay on Nearmap imagery.

This guide includes the following sections:

About the Boundary Layer

Where does boundary data come from?

Boundary data is provided by PSMA in Australia and Digital Map Products in the USA.

What is the difference between Cadastre and Property?

The cadastre is a register of property titles, which is usually managed by government agencies. In Australia, this is usually the Land Titles Office for each state. Cadastre represents parcels that are essentially the smallest area of land capable of sale without further approval to subdivide. A property is an area of land recognised by Local Government (or equivalent agency in the ACT) as a singularly valued/rateable entity. It may comprise of one or more cadastral parcels.

How often is the boundary data updated?

Nearmap uses a national data aggregator, which sources boundary data from each state’s official land registry agency. An updated data set is provided to Nearmap every quarter by the aggregator, and this data is uploaded to MapBrowser. Some customers, such as local government, tend to rely on their own data sets, as they are often the most up to date for newer subdivisions and developments.

Accessing MapBrowser Boundaries

To access the Boundaries tool go to the location you want, then select the Boundaries check box, which is under Data Layers:

Once you select Boundaries the boundary lines will appear on the map, unless you are not zoomed in enough - make sure you are at zoom level 16 or higher. Australian users can select whether to view Cadastre or Property lines.

  • Choose the colour, brightness and opacity of areas and radii.
  • Choose the colour and brightness of lines.
  • Adjust the opacity and background of the project by dragging the slider to the left (lighter) or right (darker).

Parcel Details US

When you click a property, the parcel details appear:

Cadastre and Property Details Australia

When you click a cadastre, the cadastre details appear:

When you click a property, the property details appear:

Click SETTINGS to return to the Boundary Type, Colour, and Opacity.

Boundary Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see boundary layers?

  • Boundary layers are only visible at zoom levels of 16 or greater. To check your zoom level, look at the URL. The number before the "z" is your zoom level. E.g. "16.00z".
  • Sometimes there's not enough contrast between the imagery and the boundary lines. Use the colour picker and the opacity and background sliders to adjust the display.