Viewing different content types

Use the Base Layer picker to choose the content type you want to view. Each base layer has a unique icon to help identify the layer.

Base LayerDescription
Vertical This is the standard, fully orthorectified overhead aerial map.
Panorama Offers a 45-degree angle view of a location, when available.  You can  view Panorama imagery for each cardinal direction of the location using the compass tool. 
Terrain View the terrain of the location. It can be very helpful to switch Street Maps or Properties on while viewing the terrain map to make navigating the map easier.

Provides a 45 degree angle view of a location. Oblique imagery differs from Panorama in that you view individual photos of an area, rather than a continuous, blended vertical imagery. When you select the Oblique base layer, the Additional Photos button is displayed. This allows you to view more photos of the location taken from different angles for the selected direction.

Roads Shows a view of the street maps only, with no aerial imagery visible.
TrueOrtho Shows continuous ortho mosaic implementation of the  True Ortho  option provided through 3D Export.
3D Displays the imagery in  Cesium format.

Viewing the Timeline

The Timeline lists the surveys available for the current location. Use the Timeline to view historical imagery.

To view a historical survey, click the Timeline and select the required date.

If you are subscribed to Nearmap ImpactResponse, an icon will be displayed next to survey dates that include events covered by the ImpactResponse program.

Comparing surveys

Click the Split View button and use the timeline to select a date each in both panes as required to compare imagery between surveys.