As a Nearmap user, you can create your own API key so that you can use Nearmap imagery in other applications. When you do so, the in-built API Key authentication means you do not have to provide your Nearmap username and password as authentication credentials.

Creating an API Key

Watch the video: How to Generate API Keys  

Once your Nearmap administrator has created an API Application, you can log in to Nearmap to create an API Key for that application.

  1. Log in to Nearmap at

  2. If you are a normal user, click the My API Keys button.

  3. Choose an application from the drop-down list.

    If there is no application in the drop-down list, or the API Application you want is not there, contact your organisation's Nearmap administrator.

  4. Click Create API Key.

The API Key is now created – it is the long string of characters in the API Key column. You can use it in your integrations, as explained in Using an API Key in Nearmap Integrations.

Deleting an API Key

If you no longer need an existing API Key, you can log in to Nearmap to delete it.

  1. Log in to Nearmap at

  2. Click the My API Keys button.

  3. Find your API Key and click the Delete icon.