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This sections covers the following topics:

Managing Your Nearmap Licenses and User Logins

This page describes how to manage your Nearmap users and their rights to view maps.

To provide you with as much flexibility as possible, Nearmap licenses and login privileges are separate.

  • An enabled user can log in to Nearmap. They will only be able to view maps if they are also licensed.
  • licensed user has the right to view maps, but they will only be able to log in if they are also enabled.

Tips for managing your Nearmap licenses

  • When you are setting up new users, if you have a limited seat license, make sure you revoke licenses from any users whose login rights you have disabled. Otherwise, the disabled users will consume a license that another user needs.
  • You can set up an administrator to manage your account. To do this, simply grant administrator rights to an enabled, unlicensed user. The administrator will have access to account management features and does not need to have a map view license.

Visit the following pages for info on how to:

Invite Users to Your Nearmap Account

As a Nearmap administrator, you can invite other members of your organization to use your Nearmap account.

You can invite up to 100 people at a time. If you have more than 100 people to invite, you can do this by adding them in batches of 100.

To invite users to your Nearmap account:

  1. As a Nearmap administrator, log in to Nearmap at
  2. Click the "My Account Page" selection.
  3. Click the Add User icon on the Users tab, or select Actions > Invite Users
  4. Enter one or more email addresses in the Add email addresses text box. If you enter more than one email address at a time, separate them with commas or semicolons.
    • Invalid email addresses are shown in red. No invitations will be sent to malformed email addresses, so you will need to check how they have been entered.
  5. Click Add email addresses. You can continue adding email addresses this way until you have created a list of up to 100.
  6. Click Send invite to X users.

We will send each user a verification email with a link in it. Once they have clicked the link and verified their email address, they will be able to create a password and log in.


  • If you have unlimited Nearmap licenses, the users will be automatically licensed.
  • If you are on a limited-seat plan with a specified number of Nearmap licenses, you'll need to grant licenses to the users you choose. Here is how to grant or revoke a map view license to a Nearmap user.