Setting a default subscription

On the Account, Subscriptions tab:

  1. From the Default subscription list, select the subscription you want to set as the default. New users who join your account will be assigned to this subscription.
  2. If you do not wish to set a default, select No preference from the list.

Viewing subscription information

Your subscription information is available

  • in the Notifications section of your Dashboard
  • on the Account, Subscriptions tab. If you have set a default subscription, that will be indicated in your list of subscriptions.

Accessing your Nearmap subscriptions

To provide you with as much flexibility as possible, Nearmap subscriptions and login privileges are separate.

  • An  active user can log in to Nearmap. They will only be able to view maps if they have a Nearmap subscription.
  • A user with a  subscription  has the right to view maps, but they will only be able to log in if they are also active (enabled).

  • When you are setting up new users, if you have a limited seat subscription, make sure you revoke subscriptions from any user whose login rights you have disabled. Otherwise, those users will consume a subscription that another user needs.
  • You can set up an administrator to manage your account. To do this, simply grant administrator rights to an enabled user without a subscription. The administrator will have access to account management features and does not need to have a map view subscription.