Projects are individual map views with measurements and annotations that you can easily review at any time – think of them as individual documents. Use MapBrowser projects to organise and manage your work more easily by allowing you to save information about different jobs or sites that you are working on, and need to review later.

Learn how to:

Currently projects are only available on Desktop and Tablets. You can't view projects on mobile devices.

The Projects Dialogue

Click (Projects) in the toolbar. The Projects dialogue is displayed where you can create and manage projects. The Projects dialogue is described below.


Tabs to switch between the list of active and archived projects. The selected tab is highlighted in blue. 

Available in both tabs.  Dropdown to sort projects. View projects by:

  • Last opened - Default, which displays the projects in descending order of date on which projects were opened
  • Date created - Descending order of date on which projects were created
  • Project name (A-Z) - Alphabetical listing in ascending order 

 Available in both tabs.  Search box to locate projects by name or label.

Available only in the MY PROJECTS tab.  Create a new project.  

Available in both tabs. Menu button to view the context menu. 

Menu options to perform a variety of operations to manage projects. 

Options in the MY PROJECTS tabOptions in the ARCHIVED tab

Available in both tabs.  Use the Add Label option All labels you add are displayed next to the project name.