You can manage your measurements to make them more useful to your particular use cases, or just to make your life easier.  All the actions described here work on all measurements that you create using our  measurement tools.

All the measurements and their related settings can also be saved in your MapBrowser projects.

Calculating total measurement

While holding down the Shift key, single-click each measurement you want to add to the total.

Displayed in the Inspector Panel are:

  • Total area of selected rectangles, polygons and circles
  • Total perimeter of selected rectangles and polygons
  • Total line length of selected lines
  • Total circumference of selected circles

Change a measurement's units

Click the cog at the top of the measurements area in the Inspector panel.  Edit the units of each value individually.

You can set a different set of units for each object on your map.

Add notes to a measurement

Enter notes and these will be saved against your measurement. Maximum 400 characters.