API Applications allow you to organise your Nearmap integrations, and to set different access restrictions for different integrations. You can have as many API Applications as you need on your Nearmap account.

As a Nearmap administrator, you can use the Integrations tab to:

  • Create new API Applications
  • Edit API applications
  • View the users who have created an API Key for an application
  • Create and manage your own API Keys
  • Create and manage your own API services

Creating an API application

  1. Click the  Integrations , API Apps tab. If you do not see the tab, it is likely that you are not a Nearmap administrator.
  2. Click the CREATE APP  button.
  3. Enter an Application Name. This can be any string of characters. A good name would describe the integration that you intend to have with Nearmap imagery.
  4. Complete the optional settings, if required.
  5. Click CREATE

Each user on your Nearmap account can now create an API Key for that API Application.

Optional Settings

You can optionally specify restrictions on the IP addresses or web sites that can load Nearmap imagery via an API Key associated with this API Application.

Before you proceed

If the purpose of these settings is not clear to you, we recommend that you do not enter any restrictions.

  • IP restrictions: Only IP addresses in the ranges you specify will be able to load Nearmap imagery. CIDR addresses are accepted. For example,
  • Referrer restrictions: Only URLs that begin with one of the specified referrer prefixes are allowed access to Nearmap imagery. This is based on web browser support for the HTTP referrer header field. 
    Enter here your referrer address/addresses, in a comma-separated list. A referrer address can contain sub-directories. For example, https://mywebsite.com/myapplications/app1.
    You must explicitly include https:// or http:// at the start of a Referrer Restrictions URL, the restriction will not work if this is missing.
    There is a character limit of 1 to 100 characters for the referrer restrictions.

Editing an API application

  1. Click the Integrations, API Apps tab.
  2. From the list of API applications, select the application row, and click Edit Your API Application should be displayed. 
  3. Update the required fields.
  4. Click SUBMIT .

Deleting an API application

If you no longer need an API Application:

  1. Click the  Integrations , API Apps tab. 
  2. Check the box next to the API Application name and click Delete. You can delete more than one application at a time simply by selecting the checkboxes next to the applications you want to delete.
    A message to confirm the deletion is displayed. Click DELETE to confirm.