When using the Nearmap imagery as a layer on top of certain Esri basemaps, the maximum zoom level may be limited to that of the basemap. This is an Esri ArcGIS Online feature, which is explained here: Choose Basemap - Basemap Considerations.

Follow these steps to make Nearmap imagery the basemap: 

  1. Sign in to Esri ArcGIS Online at:

  2. Open your map in the map viewer and click Add.

  3. From the Add dropdown, click Search for Layers.

  4. Select ArcGIS Online from the search options:

  5. Enter nearmap in the search box.

  6. Click Nearmap US Vertical Imagery for US customers, Nearmap AU Vertical Imagery for AU customers, or Nearmap NZ Vertical Imagery for NZ customers.

  7. Click Use as basemap.

  8. Save your map.

  9. Close and re-open the map viewer page.

The additional Nearmap zoom levels will now be available for viewing.