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The Nearmap MapBrowser is an online map interface. You can use MapBrowser to make virtual site visits, compare changes over time and see information about a location.  

This guide introduces the New MapBrowser and MapBrowser Classic, including their features and tools.  

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Logging in and Accessing MapBrowser - learn how to login and to switch between New MapBrowser and MapBrowser Classic.

Search Tool - search for address, coordinates, suburb, place of interest.

Date Selection Tool - view any available historical captures of your area of interest.

Viewing Nearmap Imagery - compare imagery from two dates, view roadmaps, and more.

Location Tool - mark places on the map, create a URL to get to a location, share a map location, and more.

Export and Save Imagery - learn how to save an image from MapBrowser or export an image to be used in other applications.

Measurement Tools for Vertical Imagery - learn how to measure the length of a straight line or a path composed of multiple lines, draw a polygon or a circle on the map and measure its area.

The MapBrowser Guide includes the following sections: