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Using the location tool, you can click on a location in the map and a drop pin will appear at the location. Information for the location will also be displayed.

Location Information

The displayed information includes:

  • The address of the location, if any.
  • The latitude and longitude of the location in two modes: decimal, e.g. -33.694841, 150.317237, and degrees/minutes/seconds, e.g. -33°41'41", 150°19'2".
  • WATCH button, which you can use to add the location to your watchlist. Please refer to Managing Your Watchlist for more information.
  • Photo time, which is the date and time that the specific photo was taken. This can differ from the survey time, as explained in Survey Date and Photo Time. If there is uncertainty in which exact minute the photo was captured, the time will be displayed with a range.
  • If there are oblique photos for the location, you can click VIEW OBLIQUE PHOTOS, as explained in Panorama and Oblique Imagery.

Removing the location pin

To remove a pin, click it to select it, then click the trash icon or press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Drop Pin

You can also drop a pin anywhere on the map by right-clicking the location, and selecting Drop Pin:

The Location panel will open with the location information.

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