Using the location tool, you can click on a location in the map and a drop pin will appear at the location. Information for the location will also be displayed.

Use the toolbar to access the Location tool:

This guide includes the following sections:

Location Information 

The displayed information includes:

  • The address of the location, if any.
  • The latitude and longitude of the location in two modes: decimal, e.g. -33.694841, 150.317237, and degrees/minutes/seconds, e.g. -33°41'41", 150°19'2".
  • The elevation of the location in meters. Please refer to Elevation Profile for information about Nearmap's elevation data.
  • The name of the location.
  • The link to use for sharing the location. Note that when sharing Nearmap links, the recipient will need to have a current Nearmap account to be able to view the shared location. Read more in Sharing a Location using MapBrowser Classic.
  • Photo time, which is the date and time that specific photo was taken. This can differ from the survey time, as explained in Survey Date and Photo Time. If there is uncertainty in which exact minute the photo was captured, the time will be displayed with a range.

Add to Watchlist

You can add the location to your watchlist. Please refer to Managing Your Watchlist for more information.

Save Location

In order to save the location, click the + symbol in the Location panel. The pin turns blue, indicating that it has been saved.

You can now add another pin without losing the first one. Repeat as many times as you want.

Remove Location

To remove a pin, click it to select it, then click the trash icon.

To remove all pins, click Clear.

Property Report

If Nearmap has a Property Report available for the location, you will see a choice between a Basic Report and a Premium Report. If you would like to purchase a report (or redeem any report credits you have remaining), click either "Basic Report" or "Premium Report" and you will be taken to an order screen that provides pricing and sample reports.

Note: this feature is available only for AU customers.

Finding the Latitude and Longitude at any Point on the Map

There are two ways you can find the latitude and longitude at any point on the map:

  1. Position the mouse pointer at the map location for which you want the latitude and longitude, then right-click to display the context menu, then select Address Lookup from the context menu.
  2. Select the Location tool and then click your location of interest on the map.

The Location Information will be displayed, with the longitude and latitude.

Finding the Elevation of any Point on the Map

To find the elevation of any point on the map select the Location tool and then click your location of interest on the map.

The Location Information will be displayed, with the Elevation field showing the elevation of that point on the map.