AI Data Layers

Nearmap AI provides a way for users to access additional pre-processed data layers within MapBrowser. These layers are full resolution AI content available on Nearmap's Vertical imagery for Australia and the US. AI data layers can be used along with the attributes covered by your subscription, and optionally overlaid with property or cadastre boundaries. Most AI Layers are grouped into AI Packs, based on how they relate to each other. AI Layers that are a part of an AI Pack are made available individually. New AI Packs are also released as and when AI data layers are added.  A data set with updated or new data is called a "Generation".

The rest of this article provides an introduction to AI Packs and AI Generations. For details, see AI Packs and AI Generations

AI Packs

AI content consists of several data layers, which are made available through individual AI Packs. For example, the Solar Panels pack has layers to detect photovoltaic (PV) panels designed for electricity generation, whether roof or ground-mounted.

Nearmap AI customers can subscribe to any of the available AI Packs, which control the Nearmap AI content you have access to. An AI Pack allows you to view and export specific AI Layer attributes from within MapBrowser.  

To view the data layers shown below, you will need the Construction AI Pack. For a complete list of available AI packs, see AI Packs.

AI Generations

Just like a software application, the AI System that generates our data sets has a version. A major new version of our AI System is referred to as a Generation, which marks major changes in performance and capability. Watch out for product announcements and MapBrowser notifications for major changes to AI coverage. For a complete list of AI generations, see AI Generations

Nearmap's first release of AI content, referred to as Gen 1 content , was made available across our Australian and US coverage map as at October 2019. Subsequent to that, newer generations have been made available progressively on our full capture program from early 2020 onwards, in addition to select processing on our back catalogue.