Once the Delegated Authentication is up and running, you can choose whether you want to turn on Just-in-Time provisioning. 

Just-in-Time provisioning means that all new Nearmap users in your active directory can perform their first login using your system's credentials. We will automatically create a user profile for them, and log them in to Nearmap.

The alternative is that new Nearmap users will need to get an invitation from Nearmap to login for the first time. After that they will be able to login using your active directory. 

The Just-in-Time provisioning is very useful when you don't mind allowing all your users to use Nearmap. All users need to have a Nearmap profile, even if they use Delegated Auth, and this service can help with the provisioning.

Note:  If you would like to use the JIT provisioning service and still manage which users can access the service, then you can control this using Active Directory Groups within your active directory control.